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Afflictions represent magical transformations that your character has undergone, usually against their will, that change their physiology in an often permanent fashion. These afflictions will provide you with additional features and traits that represent your new-found abilities and weaknesses.


Afflictions are curses―a give and a take; power for loss of autonomy. Vampirism and Lycanthropy are the two examples of such afflictions, damning the afflicted with a bloodlust and a hunger for superiority by simply existing. They are usually hunted for what they are, for they can afflict others with their curse, spreading their damnation. They require an application in order to be played that will be supplied and reviewed by the Dungeon Master Team.

These afflictions, whether minor or major, can only be cured through DM provided events. 

Races that already have origins stemming from an affliction such as shifters, cannot  receive vampirism as an affliction. Shapeshifters cannot receive afflictions. Blood Hunters have undergone the Hunter's Bane which makes them unable to be afflicted with vampirism. Blood Hunters seeking the lycanthropy affliction will only be approved with an exceptional reason and if the curse was gained through entirely in character means. 

There may only be one True Vampire and one Greater Werewolf per clan. Two Greater Werewolves or Two True Vampires may not exist within' the same clan, or be subservient to one another.


Shapechangers bound by the moon, aggression, and a ravenous hunger.


Agents of undeath and darkness with a constant thirst for blood.


Intelligent undead bound to this plane by their very soul. Created to wage war against the living.

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