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Whitelist Guide

Looking to open your very first whitelist ticket or perhaps reroll your current character into a new one and need some guidance on what things to keep in mind? Then you've come to the right place!


After reading and understanding our Character Rules, navigate to the Whitelist Ticket channel in our Discord. If you are whitelisting for the very first time, or for the first time in a new season, select the Whitelist button. If you are doing so, but your race is a Hated Race, select the Hated Race Whitelist button.

Upon ticket creation, you will be prompted to provide details regarding your character. The following are required:

You should also provide some additional details if they pertain to your character:

  • Alias(es) ― Another name or epithet your character goes by. Everyone is allowed one. Oni can have one extra for their human form and changelings will have multiple.

  • Affliction ― These require the transcript of an approved Character Application Ticket. Please check our Server Info page to see whether or not we are accepting applications for these afflictions. Certain races / classes cannot be paired with afflictions and you will be informed of such in your whitelist ticket, if need be.

  • Deity/Patron ― Required for Clerics and Warlocks. For Clerics, your domain must align with your deity's. For Warlocks, your patron must fall within the category of your subclass.

  • Hated Race Clause & Agreement ― Required for Hated Races in a Hated Race Whitelist ticket. Please copy "Do you plan on adhering to the historical tendencies of this race?" without the quotation marks and agree to said clause within your whitelist details.


If it has been 2 weeks since your whitelist or last reroll and you are rerolling your current character into a new one, please select the Reroll button. If you are doing so, but your race is a Hated Race, select the Hated Race Reroll button.

All of the aforementioned instructions regarding whitelisting still apply to your reroll, but with the additional stipulation of us requesting that you provide the whitelist details of your current character alongside those of your new character.

In game, demolish your build if you are the only one in your clan and decay all Halcyon and racial kit related items in your inventory and provide a screenshot of the event log of their degradation as proof (you can do this by pressing ESC, going to Server, and then going to Event Log) within your reroll ticket.

Next, a staff member will hard delete your character, which will take you back to the Conan Exiles character creation menu. After you're back in spawn, create your new character in both RPR (Shift+R) and ToT (Shift+B). A staff member will review the changes to make sure they align with the new whitelist details you provided.

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