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Conquest System

Unity, power,  freedom -  desired by all, attained by few. With  Halcyon's conquest system, you embark on a  journey with your fellow allies. Through diplomacy, clashing of swords, and adventuring, you find yourselves climbing  the ladder to greatness. Will you heed the call?


Alliances & Territories

There are two main alliances across Hellgate Dell: Silvergarde and New Ascalhorn. Or you may strike it out on your own and remain independent. Each stand for its own governing purpose: Unity, Power, or Freedom. Their ideals, ambitions, and structure have shaped how those who fall under their banner of rule. Those loyal to their alliances may become a branch called a Division. Each alliance will recognize the top 3 Divisions. 

How it works: everyone starts as independent. You may speak to a Conquest Representative in either Silvergarde or New Ascalhorn to join one of their alliances. CHOOSE WISELY - you may not change your alliance for 2 weeks once selected. By selecting either Alliance, you may not join a Division of the opposite, or one that remains independent.


Each Alliance will be represented by up to three Divisions. These are groups will work with either Silvergarde or New Ascalhorn (Independent Divisions operate without oversight or support) to assert control over the region. Holding territory and operating to spread their individual values. In order to become an Alliance Division you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 8+ active members.

  • A clear Leader and Co-Leader.

  • Application completed with sufficient goals, agreeing to server expectations, list of active members, and any relevant information necessary.

Once you have been approved as an Alliance Division to one of the three major groups, you will hold a seat within the realm that grants you territory. Your territory will be yours to govern, upholding the values of the conquest party you choose. 


Every two weeks, we will audit the amount of Influence Points each Division possesses. If the number is 0 during an audit, the Division will be given a warning. If this is their second warning, the Division will be dissolved. Additionally, if there has not been a reasonable increase in the number of Influence Points since the last audit, the Division is able to be overthrown by another up-and-coming Division.


Divisions will be able to spend their Influence Points on various rewards, but must be careful not to entirely deplete supply on personal gains! The following additions can be purchased by Division Leadership:

  • Hallow / Grove ritual without the need for a roll or components.

  • A profession crafting area/gathering location.

  • Exchanging Influence Points for Marks of Service.

Influence Points

Once you have joined  your  Division, you  will  begin to earn Influence Points via quests, DMNPC events, Mark of Conquest turn-ins, resource defense, and territory battles. 

Each Division will be able to accumulate influence points for their activities.

200IP - Per Event
10IP - Per turned in Mark of Conquest
10IP - Per Turned in Conquest Resource


Hosted Events must match the theme of the Division/Alliance. For example, a fight to the death or one that has very loose rules does not fit within the ideals of Silvergarde.

Influence Points are what determines your prestige within your Alliance. Each Division has their own personal Influence Point pool only filled by members and allies. Each Alliance has a collective pool of points filled by the activity of all their Divisions. To redeem things with your Influence Points you will request them in your Conquest ticket - this is able to be done by leaders and co-leaders.


Point may be spent towards the following:


Hallowed(Holy or Unholy) / Druid Grove - 550 IP


Craftstation or Gathering station - 700 IP


1 Mark of Service - 50IP (10 per week maximum)


*Prices are subject to change as the system and season progress for balancing purposes.


Mark of conquest system

Marks of Conquest represent an individual's support to any one Division and Alliance. Every player may claim one free Mark of Conquest per week. It may be turned into any Division's Quartermaster for Influence Points.

Additional Marks of Conquest may be taken as a consequence to PvP. Each player may only have a Mark of Conquest taken from them
 from PvP once per week.


Resource Defense events

During the week, resource locations will be unlocked for players to defend. An alert will go out half an hour prior to the start of the event. Once the event begins, the first 'team' of players to arrive must defend the resource until the time runs out. After 15 minutes of defending the node without being engaged in PvP, anyone present may harvest the resource. Otherwise, only the winners of a PvP may harvest the resource.

If a group arrives while two others are engaged in PvP, they become defenders themselves and must wait 15 minutes or fend off attackers within their own instance. 

Reasonable Odds apply; groups of no more than 5 may compete for the resource against one another. Consequences may be applied as normal following the PvP.

Conquest resources may be turned in for Influence points, or a gold value.

Cold Iron Ore (Underdark)
A drow scout will alert New Ascalhorn forces to the location of the node up to 30 minutes in advance so that they may prepare. They may choose to go defend the location with their group, or ambush any who show up to try and claim it.

Settlement Supplies (Mercenary Camp - Silvergarde)
A mercenary will alert those loyal to Silvergarde to help defend a supply crate shipment from the incursion of thieves. 

Territory Battles

Players will be able to, after roleplay requirements have been met, request a battle with their opposing Division. They may request a small or large scale battle. These will be facilitated like DM events―overseen by admins―and will be found somewhere on neutral ground between the two bases. Winners will receive Influence Points and Marks of Conquest to turn in. They may also give consequences as normal: small battles are skirmish-only consequences and worth less Conquest Reputation while large battles are  worth more Influence Points but adhere to normal PvP consequences.

Small Scale Battle

A small scale battle consists of a five versus five (5v5) player battle in which two Divisions fight one another for 'territory control'. Skirmish consequences only.

Large Scale Battle

A large scale battle consists of a ten versus ten (2 sets of 5v5) player battle in which two Divisions fight one another for 'territory control'. Full PvP consequences.





Silvergarde is a beacon of righteousness nestled within the verdant landscapes of Faerûn. Its ideals are rooted deeply in principles of justice, compassion, and unity. It stands as a bastion of hope in a world often marred by conflict and darkness.

At the heart of Silvergarde's ideals is the notion of community and cooperation. The settlement fosters a spirit of togetherness, where all citizens are welcome to contribute their talents and perspectives for the betterment of society.

Justice is paramount in Silvergarde, and its laws are designed to protect the innocent and uphold fairness. A system of governance exists to ensure that decisions are made with integrity and accountability, guided by a council of wise leaders who prioritize the common good above personal gain.

Compassion flows freely within Silvergarde's streets, as its inhabitants strive to alleviate suffering wherever it is found. From providing aid to the needy to offering refuge to those fleeing persecution, the people of Silvergarde embody the virtues of empathy and kindness in their daily lives.

In Silvergarde, education is highly valued, and knowledge is seen as a powerful tool for enlightenment and progress. Libraries and academies flourish, offering opportunities for learning and growth to all who seek them. The pursuit of wisdom is revered, and scholars are esteemed members of society, guiding others toward enlightenment and understanding.

Above all, Silvergarde stands as a shining example of the potential for goodness in the world. Its ideals inspire others to aspire to greater heights of virtue and compassion, forging bonds of friendship and cooperation that transcend boundaries and unite all who share in its vision of a brighter tomorrow.

new ascalhorn_edited.jpg

New Ascalhorn


New Ascalhorn, nestled within the crumbling ruins of its predecessor, is a city steeped in darkness and shadow, where the ideals of power, domination, and self-interest reign supreme. Once a thriving hub of civilization, it has now been corrupted by the lure of forbidden knowledge and the insatiable thirst for control.

At the core of New Ascalhorn's ideals is the belief in the supremacy of the strong over the weak. Those who possess strength, whether physical, magical, or political, are revered and afforded privileges denied to the lesser beings who dwell within its walls. Might makes right in this unforgiving city, and those who cannot fend for themselves are mere pawns in the schemes of the powerful.

Politics in New Ascalhorn are characterized by deception, manipulation, and betrayal. Rulers ascend to power not through noble deeds or democratic processes, but through cunning and ruthlessness. The city's leadership is often composed of tyrants and despots who rule with an iron fist, crushing dissent and opposition with impunity.

The inhabitants of New Ascalhorn are driven by a singular desire: the accumulation of wealth and power at any cost. Greed is celebrated as a virtue, and those who amass fortunes through illicit means are hailed as paragons of success. Exploitation of the weak is not only condoned but encouraged, as it is seen as a demonstration of one's superiority and resourcefulness.

Morality holds little sway in the streets of New Ascalhorn, where vice and corruption flourish unchecked. Crime syndicates and underworld organizations wield considerable influence, preying upon the vulnerable and perpetuating a cycle of fear and suffering. Lawlessness is rampant, and justice is a commodity to be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

In New Ascalhorn, the ruins of the past serve as a stark reminder of the city's descent into darkness, yet they also symbolize the potential for power and glory that awaits those willing to seize it. It is a place where the wicked thrive and the virtuous falter, a twisted reflection of the darkest aspects of human nature.

The windseekers_edited.jpg



Those who seek to control their own destiny, or choose not to involve themselves with the larger conflict of the region remain independent. Seeking to create their own way of life or move to the beat of their own drums.

At the heart of  independent ideals is the belief in personal freedom and agency. They champion the right of every being to chart their own course in life, free from undue influence or coercion. Whether it be through nomadic wanderings across the desert or settling in the tranquil areas away from the fighting of others.


With no looming oversight or alliance to back you, you will need to work together with your own allies, forming bonds with other Divisions and rallying with one another to avoid being crushed by the much more powerful and organized alliances of the region. But with no ties to otherwise bind you, the world is yours to shape.

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