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Shapeshifting ogre-kin that mingled with humans, the oni were once tasked with guarding the gates between planes, but in doing so, they long ago were transformed by extraplanar forces that seeped through these dimensional doors. They no longer hold their original duty, and through the generations, have become their own subraces that exist as any other race upon the Prime Material, going so far as to have their own hidden away settlements in Kara-Tur, or by taking up leadership roles in ogre clans of Faerûn.


Those distorted by The Abyss were ruled by insatiable hunger, materialism, and carnalities. They were the Aka―the red oni―prone to unbridled violence, rage, and the pursuit of immediate satisfaction.


Those corrupted by The Hells were the Ao―the blue oni―bound by an unyielding feast for knowledge and power, meticulous and patient in their schemes and their desire for dominion over others.

The oni influenced by The Shadowfell were the Shiro―the pale oni―becoming ghostly white, aloof, and nearly emotionless, akin to the Shadar-Kai, having more connection to the dead than the living. Their station as guardians of extraplanar gates has still been lost to history, however, and the Shiro simply exist to help ferry the dead or use them for their own gains. Some even kill others for sport, to bolster the dead at the expense of the living.


In their true forms, oni appear as fiendish ogres, though a bit smaller in stature, bearing otherworldly eyes and front-facing horns whose length are a point of pride for all oni. They are covered in spikes, have maws of retractable, razor sharp teeth, claws like curved daggers, and devilish ears. Their hair is long and wild, painted black, gray, or white. Their skin tone corresponds to their subrace and all versions of oni have a penchant appetite by nature.


Oni are much more prevalent and have much more prominent stories in Kara-Tur, but the race itself has migrated to nearly all parts of Toril. To natives of Faerûn, they are only terrifying bedtime stories told to children: cunning, demon-like ogres that gruesomely consume their prey.



  • Min: 210 cm (6'11")

  • Max: 245 cm (8'0")


  • Common

  • Giant

Life Span

  • Adulthood: 25 years

  • Longevity: 400 years


  • 3 tiles per turn



You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions, negating the Perception and to-hit penalties present at nighttime and in the dark areas of the world.

Change Shape

You have an alternate human form. You cannot change what this form looks like after you have decided upon its appearance. As an action, you can either change into your alternate form or back into your true form. You revert to your true form if you die. This shapechange is not detectable via magic like the spell Disguise Self is, for example.

Human Form Rules

  • You may not take the identity of another player character. This extends to their ToT Presets, using another character's name via /act, or any means which would directly duplicate another PC.

  • Failure to abide by these stipulations or abuse of the race may result in a retirement of your character and a suspension from playing any trust based race.

Extraplanar Heritage

Oni are supernaturally strong, enduring, deceptive, and attuned to magic. You have a +2 to Strength and Constitution saving throws and are proficient in Arcana and Deception.

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