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A life of quests and wanderlust calls to the adventurer. They wish to see the world, or find what may be lost within its nigh limitless arms. They scour ancient ruins, seek lost relics and knowledge, delve into dungeons, and come face-to-face with terrifying monsters.

Adventurers gain access to the Adventurer's Hall in Silvergarde. From there they may seek training and guidance from the mentors within, allowing them to seek out and challenge formidable foes for bountiful rewards.

On the Books

As a registered member of the Adventurers' Guild, you are trained to track and hunt down creatures the guild currently has a bounty set out for, and are trusted to take multiple Adventuring Contracts from the guild each day to deal with them. Similarly, being registered earns you the perk of earning a payout for each Proof of the Kill you turn in for each creature the guild currently wants quelled. The number of contracts you are trusted to handle increases at Adept rank, and again at Expert. Each turn in is 32+CHA gold.


Many of the creatures adventurers hunt down, being magical beasts and monstrosities themselves, drop valuable loot that are necessary for certain magical item creation recipes.

On Order

Requires Adventurer: Adept

As an adept adventurer, you are particularly well aware when it comes to who is best to provide you with the equipment you'll need to tackle your journeys.You may grant a Craftsman, Blacksmith, or Apothecary a Commissioned buff, granting them a single extra crafting attempt and  +1 crafting bonus for any attempts made within 20 minutes after receiving it. You may use this feature 1+CHA-1 (2 is 1, 3 is 2, etc) times per week, with a minimum of 1 and a max of 3.


Laborer's Muse

Requires Adventurer: Expert

Your stories and experience always seem to have a certain charm or quality to them. Maybe they still aren't very good, but one cannot deny hearing about how all their equipment gets used on actual adventures you've been on can motivate them towards new heights.  Once per week you may grant 100 profession XP to any other profession, +50 for every point of CHA you have over 0.

Captured Melody
Captured Melody.png

Harvested from the Mimic.

Feral Claw
Feral Claw.png


Harvested from the Monstrous Lynx.

Draconic Scale
Draconic Scale.png


Harvested from the Rattelyr.

Precious Gemstone
Precious Gem.png


Harvested from the Galeb Duhr.

Elegant Feather
Elegant Feather.png


Harvested from the Dire Corby.

Resilient Heart
Resilient Heart.png


Harvested from the Yeti.

Unstable Essence
Unstable Essence.png


Harvested from the Wendigo.

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