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Awakened to an endless night, vampires hunger for the life they have lost and sate that hunger by drinking the blood of the living. Vampires abhor sunlight, for its touch burns them. They never cast shadows or reflections, and any vampire wishing to move unnoticed among the living keeps to the darkness and far from reflective surfaces.

Whether or not a vampire retains any memories from its former life, its emotional attachments wither as once pure feelings become twisted by undeath. Love turns into hungry obsession, while friendship becomes bitter jealousy. In place of emotion, vampires pursue physical symbols of what they crave, so that a vampire seeking love might fixate on a young beauty. Ones fascinated with power and control may seek to create a vast host of thralls. Others surround themselves with art, books, or sinister items such as torture devices or trophies from creatures they have killed.


You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions, negating the Perception and to-hit penalties present at nighttime and in the dark areas of the world.

Spider Climb

You have a climbing speed equal to your movement speed. You can move up, down, and along vertical surfaces while keeping your hands free. While climbing a surface you may only make a single melee attack against a target within 1 tile (regardless of your own reach). If you take any other action (such as casting a spell, or swapping weapons) you fall to the ground below and are subject to the usual fall damage.

Empowered Unarmed Strike

Your unarmed attacks are more powerful, constitute as magical attacks and have the finesse property. They deal 1d8 + ATR damage.

Eternal Thirst

You are driven by an eternal desire to drink the blood of other living creatures. When you roll initiative your thirst activates. If you are under the effects of the Recently Fed buff from using the Feed Consequence in the last 48 hours, or drinking from a Blood Vial in the last 24 hours your Eternal Hunger starts at 0. Otherwise it is set to 6.

When your Eternal Thirst is equal to, or greater than 4 and you begin or end your turn your are given the Starving debuff.

Drain Vitality

As a full round action, and against a target that is either Grappled, Knocked Prone, Stunned, or Charmed you may make an attack to attempt to drain them of their vitality. On a success the target takes 2d8 points of necrotic damage, you gain 1d6 + CON hit points and your Eternal Thirst is reduced by 2.

Vampiric Regeneration

As a bonus action, and so long as your Eternal Thirst does not exceed 6, you may gain 1 Eternal Thirst and heal for 2d6 + CON + Eternal Thirst hit points.

Unnatural Speed

As a bonus action, and so long as your Eternal Thirst does not exceed 3, you may gain 3 Eternal Thirst to gain one extra action on your turn. This may not be used to cast a spell if you have already cast a spell, and you may not take the same Full Round Action more than once on any turn.

Enthralling Gaze

As a bonus action, you may attempt to charm a target you can see within range. The target must succeed a DC 16 Wisdom Save or be charmed by you until the end of their next turn. A creature charmed in this way is always willing to receive your Drain Vitality bite attack. Any time you, or one of your allies do anything harmful to the target it may repeat the saving throw. Once a target succeeds on its saving throw, or the effect wears off it is immune or the remainder of combat.

Using Drain Vitality on an Enthralled target removes this effect.


Blood Frenzy

Once per combat when your Eternal Thirst is greater than 5 you may select a target that you can see in range. Temporarily removing the downsides of your hunger until the start of your next turn and granting a +4 bonus to hit with melee attacks, a +4 bonus to Athletic checks, and 1 extra attack action on your turn.

Necrotic Resistance

You have resistance against necrotic damage.

Alter Memories

You gain the ability to make a creature unaware of your magical influence on it. When you charm one or more creatures, you can alter one creature's understanding so that it remains unaware of being charmed.

Alternatively, you may use this feature in conjunction with a feeding consequence to have a creature forget the details of the combat. They remain aware who they were with before the fight took place, and that there was a fight, but further details are too clouded. This cannot be dispelled or reversed. Once it has been done the effects are irreversible.

Ageless Bloodline

Requires True Vampire

You are a True Vampire, one of the oldest and strongest of your kind. You may create Vampire Spawn, so you must be able to control them. When you deal damage to a Vampire Spawn you deal an additional 2d8 typeless damage to them once per turn.


The vampire can't enter a private residence without an invitation from one of the occupants inside.

Any building that is open to the public or openly accepting visitors such as taverns, gathering halls, or open homes with no expectation of privacy do not require an invitation inside. The invitation need only be given by a living creature on the inside, not the home owner. The invitation may not be revoked and expires as soon as the vampire exits the residence.

Sunlight Hypersensitivity

The vampire takes 12 radiant damage when it starts its turn in the sunlight. Damage from this source does not prevent fleeing.

All vampires burn in direct sunlight. This can be partially negated by having their bodies covered by clothing, but the vampire will always have some level of discomfort. You do not need to roleplay literally burning in the sun and will only take damage while in combat, however you should be roleplaying some level of avoidance of directly standing in the sunlight, as it will still heavily tax and pain you regardless.

The snowy regions of Exiled Lands are exempt from Sunlight Hypersensitivity.

Eternal Thirst

The vampire is forever filled with the desire to quench its unyielding thirst. As a consequence, you may feed on your victim's blood granting yourself a +1 to Attack and Spell Bonus for 24 hours. Alternatively, if the vampire has not fed in the last 24 hours, they take the following negatives: -1 Strength Saving Throw, -3 Constitution Saving Throw, -2 Dexterity Saving Throw, -1 Intelligence Saving Throw, -6 Wisdom Saving Throw, and -3 Charisma Saving Throw.

As a consequence, the vampire may also collect a vial of blood from their victim and consume it at a later point. Vials of Blood heal 3d6 hit points on consumption.

Curse of the Grave

Healing magics have no effect on the vampire.

Radiant Weakness

Your undead nature leaves you weak to radiant damage.

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