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As players seek out advancing their characters, they might find themselves researching certain topics within the library of Ovius Alvarez located at the New Dawn.

A player may choose to research once every 3 days getting 3 points towards the research of your choice. 

Topics Available:

  • Demonomicon  - 3x Extra Demon Boss Summons

  • Mystical Resources - Mysterious Mushrooms & Strange Shards

  • Lexicon of Faerûn - Language Research

  • Skillful Mastery - Proficiency Research

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Finding ways to our plane, a slew of demons terrorize civilians and adventurers alike. You have cultivated an interest in these threats and chosen to research them, learning their behavior, hunting patterns, and anything needed to understand this foe so that you may go forth and battle them.

You gain access to the demonomicon, revealing three new foes for you to face within Hellgate Keep. Each demon may be defeated weekly for Marks of Service and Arcane Residue.

(Requires 5 research points.)

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Mythical Resources

You find yourself enthralled with the oddity of the world, nature's curious creations that others overlook. Seeing their vibrant potential, you scrounge through literature to find the places they grow so that you may seize them  for your own.

Adept Foragers will gain access to a new resource: the Mysterious Mushroom and Strange Shard.

(Requires 3 research points.)


Lexicon of Faerûn

There are numerous languages spoken by various races, creatures, and inhabitants of the Forgotten Realms. For whatever reason, your character may undergo interest in learning a new language, or uncovering a forgotten one

Each character may learn one additional language through research. Additionally, for each point of INT a character has beyond 0 (before item modifiers), they may continue to learn languages beyond that through the same system to a maximum of 5 learned languages.

The languages listed below are the ones more readily available to learn. If a player is after something more obscure, or rare, it is best to open a DM ticket to inquire before embarking with researching it.

Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, D
warvish, Elvish, Giant, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, Infernal, Primordial, Sylvan, and Undercommon.

(Requires 10 research points.)

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Skillful Mastery

Do you feel like you just don't quite understand something as well as your peers? Is there perhaps a skill you want to learn that is just not inside your natural skillset? Well, this is the research for you!

Each character may learn one additional proficiency through research from a limited set of allowed proficiencies. Note, this cannot stack with a proficiency you already have as granted by an affliction, race, class, or subclass.

You may readily learn any of the following skill proficiencies if you do not already have them. If you do, well... you're just very talented as it is and would be better off reading something else!

Arcana, Animal Handling, History, Medicine
, Nature, Religion, Performance, and Survival.

(Requires 10 research points. Can only be  completed once.)

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Restricted Research

Those seeking more advanced knowledge must first prove themselves as a scholar. Researching the more, mundane, topics within the library. After which, and a small fee they will gain access to an exclusive section within the halls.

(Requires 10 research points and a one time fee of 2,000 gold coins.)

Topics Available:

  • Libram of Souls and Flesh  - A tome full of dark arts and rituals.

  • Book of Eternal Respites (Coming Soon)

Libram of Souls and Flesh

With covers made of skin and fittings of bone, this tome is cold to the touch, and it whispers faintly. While the library does not have one on display it does have transcripts of the contents for study. It's mere presence threatens to consume any who attempt to delve its secrets save the few who can learn to navigate it safely.

(Requires 6 research points. You must purchase the Libram from New Ascalhorn or otherwise acquire it.)

When equipped the Libram of Souls and Flesh gives access to an additional consequence following PvP. Allowing you to take a harmless and unimpactful sliver of a target's soul for use in dark rituals.

Additional Topics Available:

  • Ritual of Soul Raising - Requires 10 research points. Allows the caster to create a Soul-Wight.

  • Chill Touch cantrip - Requires 4 research points. Allows the wielder of the Libram to cast the Chill Touch cantrip in combat regardless of class.

Book of Eternal Respites

A tome long thought believed lost to the ages. The celestial knowledge within can cure even the strongest of afflictions. While the original was located and brought to the library by the brave adventurer Domino, the researchers within have toiled for many weeks to begin making copies. While the original possessed divine protection, these replicas do not. Allowing any and all to learn common rituals of healing and repair.

(Requires 6 research points. You must purchase the Book of Eternal Respites from Silvergarde or otherwise acquire it.)

When equipped the Book of Eternal Respites rewards Karmic Favor when aiding another. Performing surgery, using Lesser Restoration, Greater Restoration, Regeneration, or Remove Curse with the tome equipped and studied will reward you this resource.

Additional Topics Available:

  • Ritual of Greater Restoration - Requires 10 research points. 

  • Ritual of Regeneration - Requires 10 research points. 

  • Ritual of Remove Curse - Requires 10 research points. 

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