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Foragers are those that seek common and rare materials in the wilds. They harvest and return these to more civilized areas to allow the raw materials to be refined into usable metals, lumbers, and reagents. It will be your job to journey out and do just that. 

Mining and Prospecting

Miners tunnel into mountains and dig deep into the grounds below our very feet in search of precious ores and treasures. In a world torn asunder by conflict and strife, the demand for valuable metals could not be higher. Prospectors search vigorously across the lands and construct massive mines just to reach that much needed metal.

Mining is granted bonuses by STR.


Herbalists aid the many races of Faerûn have looked for natural remedies and enhancers to their own abilities. Entire fields of study exist to catalog and document the effects various plants and flora have on the body. Where do they get these? From herbalists, and others brave enough to traverse the wilds in pursuit of some of the rarest of herbs.

Herbalism is granted bonuses by INT/WIS.

Hunting and Gathering

In the vast wilderness of Faerûn, hunters embark on daring expeditions to track and capture or slay various creatures that roam the land. Armed with their weapons, tools, keen senses, and knowledge of the wild, hunters fulfill crucial roles in gathering timber, providing food, and protecting settlements from dangerous beasts. 

Hunting is granted bonuses by DEX(hides) and CON(logs).

Attunement of the Earth

Requires Forager: Adept

Your mastery over the earth allows you to hone your skills. Grants a +3 to Mining Bonus until your next weekly reset.

Attunement of the Wilds

Requires Forager: Adept

Your mastery over the wilds allows you to hone your skills. Grants a +3 to Skinning/Logging Bonus until your next weekly reset.

Attunement of the Land

Requires Forager: Adept

Your mastery over the land allows you to hone your skills. Grants a +3 to Herbalism Bonus until your next weekly reset.

Survey the Land

Requires Forage: Expert

You are able to take in the sights of the land around. Picking out previously depleted areas of remaining materials. Once per weekly reset you may gain +5 additional gathering attempts.

Basic Herb

Harvested near the Ancient Aqueduct.

Iron Ore

Harvested from The Claws.


Harvested near  Northreach


A secondary gather from mining iron ore.

Plant Fiber
Plant Fiber.png

A secondary gather from collecting basic herbs.


Harvested from the logging camp in the Far Forest.



Harvested from a hunting endeavor.

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