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The Story of Halcyon

Our setting current setting takes place in the year 1491 DR. The storyline is comprised of the events that have taken place on the server across our main storylines up until this point! More information will be added as the seasons progress. This can be used a general reference for those who's characters have lived within the world and would be somewhat in the know of current events.


The Troubles of Lordfall

Five years have passed since the end of the War of the Silver Marches, marking the year as 1490 DR. Everlund, once a prominent city within the region, has been reduced to a town, recovering from the toils of war.


For unknown reasons, the town's ruling body, the Council of Elders, has made the decision to pull themselves from the Lords' Alliance, the defensive pact of the major city-states of northern Faerûn. Such a ruling leaves Everlund vulnerable... giving confidence to factions and monsters in the area who have long slumbered. These troubles, and the opportunities of Everlund's economic rebirth, entice adventurers and people of all kinds to its surrounding lands.

As the town prepared for it's fifth annual festival of remembrance trouble began to brew. Caravans began to go missing. Outlying settlements began to to be raided. The Army of the Vale was sent to investigate, spreading themselves thin. Then a  brazen attack against Everlund itself. The sky rained fire and orcish invaders rushed through the gates. With only a small garrison of forces left behind the defense of the town was largely left to those trapped within.

While many brave heroes were able to hold the line, eventually the overwhelming brutality of the orcish band began to wear on them. In a final act one of the remaining Knights of the Vale, Eilynore Ashpride, rallied those still able to fight and joined the fray. Helping to repel the invaders. To this day their names are forever immortalized on a monument within the city.

Nightingale, Zephyr Ixaar, Caladrius, Kargrax, Nynca, Cecil, Seraph, Vesper, Asbjorn Hardlsen, Zhal

Another memorial was erected nearby this time with the names of those who were lost, the countless hundreds who died on Everlund's smoldering streets or blissfully unaware within their own homes as it came crashing down around them.

Aizilei, Etsheyi, Zinyra, Frankies

Little motive could be gained from the attackers. As each fought to a brutal and final death for the glory of their god and warchief alike. A single named echoed through the streets of Everlund as it was rebuilt... Bloodtusk. Through the months that followed the attacks by this clan of orcs picked up frequency. Settlement after settlement within the area around Everlund was subject to their brutality. Some faired better than others, others simple fell to their might. Leading the charge of these incursions were Bloodtusk Lieutenants, demanding the subjugation of all under their leader Kargresh.

After numerous skirmishes and hard fought battles between the Army of the Vale and the citizens of the Silver Marches against the Bloodtusk clan their leader fled from Everlund to the east.


Fires of Revenge

After the final skirmishes with the Bloodtusk clan, their leader Kargresh was still missing. A relative peace had fallen over the lands around Everlund once again. Though, all did not set well with the Army of the Vale. Countless soldiers had fallen in the raids. Numerous innocents, friends, and family never to be seen again. After weeks of petitioning the Council of Elders a reply finally came. By decree of High Lady Alustriel Silverhand a force was to be led by Eilynore Ashpride of the Army of the Vale east into Hellkeep Dell. They were tasked primarily with securing the region for the Silver Marches, though for many it was a personal mission.

It has been several months since their departure. The confederation of forces now make up Ashpride's Legion who have established the fortification of Silvergarde within Hellgate Dell. Their presence has not gone unnoticed. The area has long been home to all manner of demon and evil being. As well as the Far Forest looming on the horizon. 

Will you aid in the hunt for Kargresh? Perhaps find yourself caught helping some unexpected allies in their eternal war for the lower planes? Or will you side with those who already called this land home before the Silverymoon's decree?

Unveiled Serenity

The aftermath of Eilynore Ashpride's final confrontation with Kargresh left Hellgate Dell and its surroundings scarred, the victory achieved at a great cost. The lingering echoes of a pyrrhic triumph, however, were accompanied by the insidious rise of a dark force. Cults began to take root in the jungle ruins, casting a foreboding shadow over vital trade routes. As Silvergarde moved to it's new more fortified beginnings, Lady Ashpride hired local mercenaries to safeguard precious cargo shipments that were its lifeline -  But, the mercenaries, once stalwart defenders, found themselves torn between duty and the growing allure of the enigmatic cults, threatening to fracture the stability Lady Ashpride fought so hard to establish.

Simultaneously, the tranquility of the Far Forest was disrupted as druids, once the stewards of the delicate balance between nature and civilization, grew restless. The once-guardian peacekeepers of the forest now regarded outsiders with suspicion, and the druids themselves distanced from their duties, perturbed by an unseen force that exploited the vulnerability left by the recent battle.
In the distant wastes, the departure of Isun, the eccentric merchant renowned for his magnificent wares, sounded an ominous note. His proclamation that the land had become too perilous hinted at dangers not fully understood by the inhabitants of Silvergarde. He designed to move to the oasis, gathering the Windseekers, to begin a movement of freedom and independance from both the lawful and lawless. 


As the fortification grappled with the aftermath, a new, clandestine adversary moved in the shadows, weaving a tapestry of uncertainty over Silvergarde's future. The true test of resilience lay ahead, hidden in the ominous shadows that now clung to the heart of the once-proud outpost, casting doubt upon its fate. What dark designs did they harbor, and how would their insidious influence manifest and would Silvergarde be able to rebuild in time to survive it?

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