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The comforts of home are the goals of most halflings’ lives: a place to settle in peace and quiet, far from marauding monsters and clashing armies; a blazing fire and a generous meal; fine drink and fine conversation. Though some halflings live out their days in remote agricultural communities, others form nomadic bands that travel constantly, lured by the open road and the wide horizon to discover the wonders of new lands and peoples. But even these wanderers love peace, food, hearth, and home, though home might be a wagon jostling along a dirt road or a raft floating downriver.


Halflings appear relatively harmless, and so have managed to survive for centuries in the shadow of empires and on the edges of wars and political strife. They are inclined to be stout, weighing between 40 and 45 pounds. Their skin ranges from tan to pale with a ruddy cast, and their hair is usually brown or sandy brown and wavy. They have brown or hazel eyes. Halfling men often sport long sideburns, but beards are rare among them and mustaches even more so. They like to wear simple, comfortable, and practical clothes, favoring bright colors.



Being smaller than 140 results in Conan wonkiness, so please keep in mind that proportions must remain believable.

  • Min: 100 cm (3'3")

  • Max: 120 cm (3'11")


  • Common

  • Halfling

Life Span

  • Adulthood: 20 years

  • Longevity: 150 years


  • 3 tiles per turn



Halflings are immune to being frightened.

Halfling Resilience

Halflings are nimble and stout. You have a +2 to your Dexterity and Constitution saving throws.

Naturally Stealthy

Halflings can easily hide from notice, even using other people as cover. You are proficient in Sleight of Hand and Stealth.

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