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One of the most ancient and feared of all curses, lycanthropy can transform the most civilized humanoid into a ravening beast. In its natural humanoid form, a creature cursed by lycanthropy appears as its normal self. Over time, however, many lycanthropes acquire features suggestive of their animal form. In that animal form, a lycanthrope resembles a powerful version of a normal animal. On close inspection, its eyes show a faint spark of unnatural intelligence and might glow red in the dark.

A lycanthrope can either resist its curse or embrace it. By resisting the curse, a lycanthrope retains its normal alignment and personality while in humanoid form. It lives its life as it always has, burying the bestial urges that rage inside it. However, when a full moon rises, the curse becomes too strong to resist, transforming the individual into its beast form, or into a horrible hybrid form that combines animal and humanoid traits. When the moon wanes, the beast within can be controlled once again. It might not remember the events of its transformation, though those memories often haunt a lycanthrope as blood dreams.



You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions, negating the Perception and to-hit penalties present at nighttime and in the dark areas of the world.

Transformation: Werewolf

As a bonus action, you may assume the hybrid form granted by your strain of lycanthropy. While transformed, the werewolf gains the following basic features:

  • +2 Strength and Dexterity.

  • 16 AC as Natural Armor (your equipped armor is unequipped when you transform).

  • You heal by 20 hit points when transforming for the first time per combat.

  • You gain +1 Attack Action (to a max of 2).

  • You gain magical Claw and Bite Attacks with the Finesse property (1d10+atr, 1d8+atr).

  • You may climb with no movement penalty.

​You may transform 6 times per long rest. Werewolves cannot use weapons, armor, or use any potions or abilities from their class or subclass while transformed.

Additionally, you gain access to the following more advanced abilities:

Ferocious Momentum

You may dash for the cost of a bonus action.

Rending Claw

Draw your claws across the target, dealing 1d6 damage and applies Exposed to the target on a hit until the end of their next turn. Limited to one augmented lycanthrope ability per turn.

Infectious Bite

Tear into your target with your teeth, dealing 1d8 damage and applies Poisoned to the target on a hit until the end of their next turn. Limited to one augmented lycanthrope ability per turn.

Lycanthrope Howl

Unleash a fearful howl. Granting all other lycanthropes within range advantage until the end of their next turn. Additionally all other lycanthropes within range may make an attack of opportunity against a target that you decide.

Non-lycanthropes who hear this howl much succeed a DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw or be frightened until the end of their turn. Usable once per Long Rest.

Pack Tactics

If you are fighting a target alone in a PvP instance, you may deal an additional 2d8 damage o them per hit. You may also gain this benefit if the number of transformed lycanthropes in the PvP instance is greater than the number of non-lycanthropes. Individuals must have 1 HP or more to contribute to the working number of either side.

Pack Authority

Requires Greater Lycanthrope

You are a Greater Lycanthrope, one of the strongest a pack leader. You may create Lesser Lycanthropes, so you must be able to control them. When you deal damage to a Lesser Lycanthrope you deal an additional 2d8 typeless damage to them once per turn.


Pack Mentality

The curse of lycanthropy makes you quick to anger. This can come in the form of rash decision making or doing whatever it takes to protect those you care about.

Silver Hypersensitivity

Silver has an adverse effect to the curse that swells within your veins. The simple touch of it against your skin burns. Weapons made of silver deal an additional 2d6 damage to anyone suffering from Lycanthropy.

Call of the Moon

While most who have embraced the curse within them are able to control when and where they transform through training and discipline, it is impossible to hold back the urge during a full moon. All lycanthropes go into an uncontrollable rage and are fueled by a desire to hunt once per month (this will only be enforced during server wide events and will be announced prior, during which all players with the affliction will be forced to transform).

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