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A single Moon can be exchanged for one of the following items at the Market Hub. Custom items must not have links to IRL pictures, pornography, or other immersion breaking pictures. They are subject to deletion. The available items are:

  • Custom Banner A Long

  • Custom Banner A Short

  • Custom Banner B Long

  • Custom Banner B Short

  • Custom Book

  • Custom Letter

  • Custom Playing Cards

  • Custom Sign

  • Custom Shield

  • Custom Scroll

  • Armor Stand with Custom Banner

  • Custom Round Rug

  • Custom Rug

  • Custom Tapestry

  • Custom Pillow A




Patron Rewards

🗹 Patron Rank on Discord

🗹 4x Moons

🗹 1x Hero's Mark

🗹 2 Additional Character Shelf Slots

🗹 Clan Building Extension of 100 Building Pieces and 50 Placeables

🗹 Our Thanks

This can stack up to 3 times within a single clan. If you donate $30 individually, or your clan collectively has up to $30 worth of donations, you can add 300 building pieces and 150 placeables.


Multiple donations of $10 get you 4 more Moons, and one more Hero's Mark. Additional packages beyond the first $10 do not carry between full wipes. You will always be a patron and subject to the first package at the start of any new season. However, multiple additional packages will be limited to further donations within that season.


Moons and Hero's Marks may be traded or sold, in-character, at your discretion. They cannot be stolen.


Giving a donation is a one-time payment to show appreciation, is not a subscription, and does not excuse you from our rules. You will not receive deferential treatment from Halcyon Staff.

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