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Curses may be applied to another player as a consequence to PvP encounters using the Bestow Curse spell during Consequence Phase by DMs following events/storylines or when a character receives an affliction.

Curses are broken into three categories:

Minor Curses - These are curses applied via the Bestow Curse spell following PvP. They can then be removed by the Remove Curse Spell, or Greater Restoration.


Major Curses - These are curses applied via cursed objects, or from DMs following events and storylines and may only be removed by Greater Restoration.


Ancient Curses - These are immensely powerful curses that have no direct way to cure them. All afflictions are ancient curses and thus can only be cured through a DM storyline.

Curse Effects

Once cursed the player will receive a negative to their in-game statistics until cursed. Additionally the target and curse giver must decide on a secondary effect from the list provided. If both parties agree on one of the effects to give it may be selected without a roll. However if there is a contest on the desired curse then it must be decided via a /roll 1d11.

The cursed target must roleplay out the effects of the curse until the status is removed.

Cursing and Remove curse

Bestow Curse is given to Bard (12), Cleric (12), Wizard (10) or by using a Cursed Effigy.

Remove Curse is given to Cleric (10) & Wizard (10).


Curse of the Afflicted

You fully believe you are either a vampire, or werewolf. You may choose, but must stick with your choice. Vampires believe they will burn up in the sun, and need to consume blood to survive. Though if you do consume blood, you will get sick. Werewolves believe they will transform on the full moon and feel more aggressive all of the time.

Curse of the Bog

The stench of a foul-smelling bog follows you wherever you go, and no matter how much you scrub or try to hide the scent, you are unsuccessful until the curse is lifted.

Curse of the Faithless

You are afraid of anyone who speaks about religion or represents it openly. You must flee from anyone speaking about, or appearing as a religious figure.

Curse of the Forlorn

You forget everything you know about the person you love most and no longer have any feelings towards them until the curse is cured.


Curse of Gluttony

You must eat any food you see present. It does not matter if you enjoy eating it or not, it must be consumed if it is your presence. Even if it would make you sick from overconsumption.

Curse of Laceration

Large lacerations appear across your skin until the curse is removed. They tear open the flesh, bleed and then eventually heal themselves. But the process is agonizing each time a new wound appears.

Curse of Reduction

You lose 20cm of height. (This may not be applied to Halflings, Gnomes, Goblins, or Kobolds.

Curse of Rudeness

You are unable to perform any task that you are asked to do by someone else. Additionally you must insult them for asking you to do anything.

Curse of Sloth

When you are in the presence of anyone else physical activity causes you great mental anguish. Your head hurts to the point you cannot function. Someone else must carry or escort you around.

Curse of Thirst

You feel as if you can never get enough to drink. Anytime you see water, you have to drink some of it unless you are physically restrained from doing so and taken from the area.

Curse of Volume Control

You can no longer properly control the volume of your voice. (You can only speak in whisper or shout. You may still emote in say or mumble without dialog)

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