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DMNPC Encounters

Halcyon is dedicated to providing our player base with unique experiences. One of the ways you can engage is through DMNPC encounters.

In these DMNPC encounters our players will get a “tabletop” feel in the setting we’ve built. You’ll experience puzzles to solve, monsters to slay, and plots to uncover and engage in!

Before your adventure begins...

When opening up a DMNPC encounter there are a few things you should know. First, they are created and run by our DM team. Once a request is placed giving us a general outline of the type of encounter you’re looking for and potential hooks we take the reins and build a customized experience for you and a group of up to 5 players.

These experiences are  a single encounter session. Encounters are meant to create a narrative that you can enjoy during the session but also take out into the world and expand your roleplay with them. 

  • All DMNPC  Encounters are required to tie into the overarching server story in some form or fashion.

  • All DMNPC Encounters will be reviewed and may be denied based on criteria not being met, so make sure to thoroughly communicate with your DM.

DMNPC Encounters are one time events that are in the same vein as our 'random encounters'. This option is given to those who are unable to participate, or would like to  request a DMNPC for an event they are hosting, etc.

You may also find scattered sites around the world with POIs that instruct you to open a DMNPC Encounter ticket. Make sure to screenshot the POI to provide it to staff. Staff story locations will ALWAYS instruct you to open a ticket.


DMNPC Encounter Criteria

Present a concept that ties in to the server story


All storylines are stories, but not all stories are storylines. What this means is: we expect presented material to effect the world around you and not just be simply off screen adventures. So for your DMNPC Encounter make sure you have something to present that will further narrative!

Have a narrative reason

When submitting a storyline you should have strong narrative reason for the storyline to take place. Make sure you present that to your DM.

Participants must be at least level 10


We believe you should have unlocked your subclass and had a bit of experience with our  RpR systems before engaging in storylines. This ensures for a smoother and more enjoyable process.

You must have a group of 3+ to request


In order to request a DMNPC encounter you must have 3+ members in you group.

Player Hosted Event Rewards

You must take a screenshot of all members online


In order to receive credit you must take a screenshot before and after the event of the players in your clan who actively participated showing their online  status in  the clan tab as well as periodic roleplay happening during the event.

You must post the event in the events channel 3 days prior to the event date


Please make sure to post the event at least 3 days prior to the date of hosting to give players time to see the event, this also helps with schedule spacing.

You may only receive rewards once per week

Once per week  your  clan will receive a reward for hosting the event. Each active  player will receive 1 mark of service for their  participation.

To receive the reward a clan leader may submit a DM ticket


To be rewarded, compile the screenshots listed and open a general DM ticket, provide all of the information - link to event post, screenshots, names of participating clanmates etc.

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