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Created by the Cat Lord—a divine being of the Upper Planes—to blend the qualities of humanoids and cats, tabaxi are a varied people in both attitude and appearance. In some lands, tabaxi live like the cats they resemble, naturally curious and at home in playful environments. In other places, tabaxi live as other folk do, not exhibiting the feline behavior the Cat Lord intended.


Tabaxi’s appearance is as varied as their attitudes. Some tabaxi have features or patterning in their fur like tigers, jaguars, or other big cats, while others have appearances more like a house cat. Still others have unique patterns or might style their fur to their preferences—or might even be hairless!



  • Min: 140 cm (4'7")

  • Max: 190 cm (6'3")


  • Common

  • 1 Choice

Life Span

  • Adulthood: 18 years

  • Longevity: 100 years


  • 3 tiles per turn



You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions, negating the Perception and to-hit penalties present at nighttime and in the dark areas of the world.

Cat's Talent

You gain proficiency in Stealth and Perception.

Cat's Claws

You may attack with your claws for 1d4+STR damage, and additionally may climb at no speed penalty in combat.

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