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The economies of the Forgotten Realms are built on the shoulders of its diverse and mystical people. The lost treasures found by curious adventurers, the potions and medicinal supplies concocted by apothecaries, the weapons and armor handmade by blacksmiths and craftsmen, the materials harvested by foragers... they all play a role in the flow of money in a world of mystery and magic. These are the professions of Halcyon and each character may specialize in one of their choosing.


A scourer of dungeons, a hunter of monsters, and a seeker of quests.

Adventurer Symbol Transparent.png

A brewer of potions and toxins with effects both menial and effervescent.

Apothecary Symbol Transparent.png

A metalworker well-versed in the art of forging arms and armor.

Blacksmith Symbol Transparent.png

An artisan of leather and timber, they are tailor, bowyer, and carpenter.

Craftsman Symbol Transparent.png

A collector, harvester, and gatherer of all things natural and useful.

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