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Rules of Halcyon

These are the rules of Halcyon, which encompass how one should act and what expectations are placed upon them in Discord, during roleplay, during the character creation process, upon the Conan Exiles server itself, and in other areas. We want to do our best to cultivate our culture and make all of our players aware of our mindset as a team. For some of our guidelines and values, feel free to check out our Server Culture on our Discord.

Additional rules may be added as time goes on. If you have suggestions, questions, or believe we missed something, please make a suggestion in our Discord via the appropriate channel, or by submitting a Moderation ticket. We are always willing to listen and are here to help.

01 Be Respectful

All members of the community are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. There will be a zero tolerance policy for toxicity and cruelty towards others. At the end of the day, this is everyone’s hobby. You may not always agree with someone else’s viewpoints but you are expected to disagree in a manner that is constructive or remain silent.

There will be no bashing of other individuals, regardless of if they are from our community or another. The talk of political, religious, and discriminative topics should have no place here. We are all adults; act as such.

We will not police private Discord servers or direct messages. We urge everyone to leave servers they do not agree with, or block people who they do not wish to contact as a first resort. If it is clear that harassment proves to be a problem and continues to take place over the course of multiple instances and reports then Halcyon Staff will review the issue on a case by case basis.


02 Adult Only Server

This is an adult only server and Discord. You agree that you are at least 18+ years old to join and participate. The mention of children on the server will be heavily scrutinized and due to most themes should not be brought up in situations.

You may not portray or even “pretend” that your character is anything but an adult. Anything that is reported concerning the relations of one of these characters with that of another race that encroaches upon pedophilia / age play will be punished severely. We will place trust in our playerbase and not allow a few bad apples to ruin the experience for everyone. You will be given the benefit of the doubt until suspicions arise. Do not abuse our trust.


03  NSFW Content

There is an NSFW section accessible through the NSFW role, which is accessible through Channels & Roles at the top of the Discord. Do not post such material anywhere else. We want people to be able to use the Discord wherever they may be.

On the topic of NSFW, keep the posts within reason. The staff will delete anything that is questionable or extreme, such as people looking like they could be underage, anything that causes harm to another person, or discrimination. If it doesn't follow Discord official rules, it will be deleted.


04  No Spamming/Mass Pinging

Do not spam channels in the Discord or posting content that is unrelated to the channel’s purpose. Furthermore, do not ping people en masse or ping others over and over even if it is your friend.

Pinging Staff is only allowed within tickets, and when a response has not been received for a reasonable amount of time (usually several hours). 


05  No Rules Lawyering

As a player, it is not your duty to enforce or impose rules against other players. If you believe that someone is doing something incorrectly you may direct them towards the written rule a single time for the sake of education but you should not repeatedly do so over the course of a scene. At this point, the matter should be directed to staff via the ticket system.

Additionally, to avoid covering every single instance of possible use that could come up, many of the rules will be enforced with their spirit in mind and not solely their letter. Staff have the final say in this matter.


06  No Advertising

While you are not limited in the discussion of other communities or experiences, we do ask that you do not actively use any of our platforms as a means to solicit or entice others to join another server or community.

01 You Must Whitelist Your Character

You must fill out a whitelist and a consent form to play on the server. A whitelist ticket can be created when you're ready to create your character. Please see our Whitelist Guide for more information. Your consent sheet must be filled out in-game and can be found in the Roleplay Redux menu (Shift+R). Other players' consent sheets can be viewed by holding E on them and selecting the blue RPR Logo. Please make a habit of this.


02  Properly Portray Your Character

Your character's height and general thematic must fall in line with the racial standards presented on your chosen race's page. While we do allow some creative liberties you must stay in line with what is considered the norm for a given race. For example, you may not choose traits that exist within your race but are deemed as rare, such as Szarkai, winged kobolds, and winged tieflings.

  • Your character must have acceptable proportions that fit them. Just because the sliders can go that high does not mean you are allowed to utilize them. Many of these settings are open for smaller characters to be able to adjust their proportions. Hooves and Paws count towards your height total - make sure to go to spawn and measure yourself beneath the height bar to check if you are within height restrictions.

  • You must have a valid character name. It must be at least 3 characters or longer and should not include any special characters, symbols, or foreign languages. Character names cannot reference pop culture or real world celebrities and should not mirror any fictional characters from any existing content.

  • You may not roleplay your character as anything other than your chosen race. For example you may not select Orc and roleplay you are an Orog. Some races will have listed alterative origins, only these are accepted for use.

  • All characters must be adults within their culture, as well as the minimum age of 18.


03  Rerolling/Shelving Characters

You may reroll once every two weeks. During the reroll process you may choose to shelf your character or retire them. To reroll, you open a reroll ticket and fill out the necessary information.  Our whitelist staff will guide you from there.


Before rerolling, you must ensure that you are not active in any ongoing conflicts with other characters. A departure will be posted publicly, which will give other parties the chance to contest your reroll. If you are found to have ongoing conflict and choose to reroll anyway you will be placed back on your previous character and may receive further punishment.

If you have an affliction or an approved advanced race, and choose to shelf that character, you will not be able to un-shelf them without going through the approval process again. If you received your affliction through roleplay, the character that turned yours will need to have an available "turn" and be willing to grant it to you again or the character cannot be un-shelved. Additionally, "turns" are refunded to the affliction who turned your character once you shelf.


You are allowed 2 shelf slots. Patrons receive an additional 2 slots.


04  Reroll Contests

If a character you have ongoing conflict with chooses to reroll, you may contest that reroll for up to 48 hours after their departure has been posted. This is only to be done in situations where a reroll is being done directly after stirring issues with another party or being used to circumvent an incoming Character Kill (CK). If neither of these are true, please respect the other party's wishes to move on from the narrative. People in the Forgotten Realms slip away and often leave things unresolved. Your character can hold onto those resentments and develop themselves through other storylines while the other party departs.


You must provide screenshots of the situation and have a clear plan to resolve the narrative in a meaningful manner upon opening the Reroll Contest ticket.


05  One Character per Player

You may only whitelist and play one character at a time. That character may only be your currently approved and whitelisted character. If you are waiting for a whitelist or reroll ticket to get approved, you may not leave the spawn area.

You may not use alternative accounts to circumvent this process.

01  You Are Always In-Character

If you are logged into Halcyon you are in character. You may not claim to be OOCly somewhere, avoid roleplay by going OOC, or attempt to dodge roleplay. If there are other players present and you wish to leave a scene, you must first provide an emote declaring that your character intends to leave and give reasonable time for a response to be given before running off.

Spawn is the only area that is considered OOC.


02  Keep Scenes Rolling

Scenes are expected to continue even in the event there are disputed actions or issues. Make a ticket and post the necessary screenshots of logs - staff will review when able and issue a ruling.


03  No Metagaming

Metagaming is utilizing knowledge gained OOCly through any avenue (I.e.discord, voice chats, whisper channels etc.) in character. 


04  No Powergaming/Godmodding

Godmodding and powergaming are strictly forbidden. Godmodding is doing an action for another player. Powergaming is forcing them to do an action. Things like ignoring PvP intents or forcing a character unconscious are examples. Additionally, you may not roleplay having an item you do not have, or one that has an effect on another player that is not actively supported via our systems. For example, saying you contact someone with a sending stone, or stating you possess a Bag of Holding when you do not actually have the item.


05  Respect Consent Sheets

Adult themed content is consent based on Halcyon. As such, we expect our players to thoroughly communicate consent in regards to explicit materials. Failure to respect players' consents will result in administrative action. Consent is required for sexually explicit roleplay, overly graphic violence, as well as capture and imprisonment. You cannot use consent to avoid consequences in game that are delivered through our PvP system (wounding, maiming, etc.). You may request a fade-to-black for the details of the scene though, and such a request must be honored, but the results will still be in effect.

Consent is mirrored. If you enact graphic violence on other players, you may not claim it is against your consent if it is attempted on you.


06  No Child-like Characters or Behavior

Our server does not support or promote this sort of roleplay. Acting childlike or having a childlike appearing character will result in character retirement. All characters are expect to be mature and act as adults. Referring to other characters in a way that implies a parental dependency will not be allowed.


07  No Mention of Children or Pregnancy

Children and pregnancies will not be allowed to be actively roleplayed on the server. Roleplaying being pregnant, giving birth, or having/roleplaying as a child is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


08  Keep Adult Themes Private

We are an adult RP server. There will be sex and other adult themes, however, it should be done in private places. Sexual roleplay of any kind (this can include the presentation of genitals in a manner that implies sexual activity) should not be done in public places, where someone who has not consented to the roleplay may stumble across it unwittingly without the opportunity to opt out. Example areas would be immediately around warps, or areas that are considered open to the public. This does not include areas that are reasonably isolated and private builds. This kind of roleplay should be done in mumble or whisper chat to avoid instances of accidental exposure.


09  /Act Policy

You may use /act to alter your display name while on the server following these rules:

1. It must include a descriptor that ties to you (i.e. red scarf, green shoes, lion insignia)
2. It must not include basic vague descriptions (I.e. shroud, shadow, unknown, entity etc)

3. You may only have ONE alias (an alias is an alternate name you go by.)

4. You may shorten your full name to a shorter nickname. (I.e. Charles Darwin to Charlie)


Examples of /acts: Crimson Silken Wanderer, White Cowled Cleric, Brass Lion Knight


10  LFRP Policy

If you are utilizing the LFRP feature, you must only list yourself accurately. You may not list as Solo when you have a group regardless of if they are waiting in ambush or otherwise. Other people approaching your LFRP marker do not have to respect what you have listed as what you are looking for, but you must be truthful to what you are listing yourself as.

Once you find RP, you must turn off your LFRP marker unless you are utilizing it as the host of an active tavern/similar non-hostile venue to draw players. In this case, a single LFRP marker is allowed to stay active to promote RP unless hostilities arise, in which case it must also be turned off regardless of if they are directed at the host or not.


11  English Only in IC Chat

All chat typed by a player in dialogue or emotes must be done in English. Characters speaking different languages must make use of the scripted languages available to their characters. You may not use any online translators to supplement a language.

The only exception are flavor words for spell incantations which should be brief words of power.


12  Capture/Imprisonment Policy

If another player is taken prisoner as a consequence, they are only subject to remain imprisoned for the duration of the roleplay. Scenes involving the capture of another player should be discussed with both parties OOC and either an agreement for long-term capture needs to be accepted by both sides or the captured player is free to /home and exit the scene after a half hour of not receiving roleplay.


If you agree to long-term imprisonment, you must honor that agreement for 24 hours. Once that amount of time has passed, you may choose to /home after 30 minutes of failing to receive any direct roleplay from your captor. It will be assumed a way to escape was found even if it does not entirely make sense.


13  Do Not Camp Waypoints

Do not linger at waypoints with the intent to engage with players as they leave them. You may follow a player through a warp and engage with them once they have moved 16 tiles from the waypoint. This does not include entrances to the Underdark.


14  Do Not Abuse Climbing

You may climb walls, but if you are doing so for the purpose of theft or initiating PvP, you must roll a successful Athletics check and take a full-screen screenshot as evidence in case of entry. A one tile climb has a set DC of 10 and will go up by 2 for every additional tile thereafter.


15  Only Use Warps as an OOC Convenience

You are not allowed to use any teleport, warp, or /home during combat or to avoid conflict. Such as leaving the scene of a PvP or other roleplay. This is to give others a fair chance to interact with you. This includes using /home or /warp Oasis to make it to a scene in progress. If any of these are used you will be removed from the scene out of fairness to the other party.

01  You Must Be in a Clan

You must be in a Conan clan once you leave the starting area. Even if you are a solo player. If you are not in a clan, any builds you make will be deleted without warning when they are found and items will not be refunded.


02  Building Restrictions

The maximum clan size is 15. Building restrictions are as follows:

1-2 Players ― 600 Building Pieces | 200 Decorations | 5 EE/fantasy trees

3-5 Players ― 1500 Building Pieces | 500 Decorations | 5 EE/fantasy trees

6-9 Players ― 2700 Building Pieces | 900 Decorations | 5 EE/fantasy trees

10-12 Players ― 3000 Building Pieces | 1200 Decorations | 10 EE/fantasy trees

13-15 Players ― 3800 Building Pieces | 1500 Decorations | 15 EE/fantasy trees


03  Fit the Setting

Your build should follow realistic design and fit the setting. Your build should not resemble a typical Conan survival base. Builds will be reviewed and audited on a case by case basis. Do not stack foundations excessively - you may stack them to solve landscaping issues or stability in moderation. If you are concerned you are in excess, simply open a ticket and ask for a review.


04  Distance Yourself

Your build should be a reasonable distance away from others; stay out of render distance of other builds, especially if you have a large clan build. This helps with player and server performance in these areas. Staff will review on a case by case basis.


05  One Build per Clan

You may only have one build per clan. A build may not extend through teleports.


06  No Land Claiming

You may not place down foundations or other building pieces to claim land for yourself or your clan to use later. You may place down outlines and markers while you are actively building, but they may not remain after you have logged out or more than 12 hours have passed. These will be deleted when found.


07  Build Away from Important Locations

You may not build in a way that blocks access to any location used by our scripted professions or systems. Areas such as resource locations, boss summons, or quest locations.

When building in the Underdark you may not build in a way that will block access to the warps that interconnect it.

Moreover, do not build in the following zones, as they are used for our main hubs:


08  Your Build Must Be Accessible

Your build must be accessible. If it is found to be inaccessible or purposefully hinders access, it is ticketable and will require alteration.


09  No Honeycombing or Airlocking

No air-locking or honeycombing (putting an obnoxious amount of doors to make break-ins harder).


10  Mounts/Pets Must Be Labeled

Any pets or mounts found obstructing spawn, hubs, or bases without names will be subject to the void. Make sure you have them properly named so you can be reached to collect them.


11  Do Not Leave Bedrolls Outside of Your Build

Do not use bedrolls. If they are found, they will be deleted.


12  Clan Names Must Be Serious

Clan names must be serious in nature and fit the setting. Fitting puns or realistic wordplay is acceptable.


13  Limit Vegetation Use

Due to taxing server performance, trees are limited. You are limited to 5 fantasy trees/Exiles Extreme per 5 members of your clan. A clan of 1-9 may have 5 trees. A clan of 10-14 may have 10 trees and a clan of 15 may have 15 trees. If we have to count to audit your trees we will delete all of them in the process. Highmane’s trees and other default Conan trees may be used in moderation. Excessive trees will be removed by staff when necessary.

Regardless of amount, if your build is causing lag for players, you will be asked to remove excessively placed objects like mushrooms, shrugs, flowers, etc.


14  Stay Within Bounds

Our server mod removes the green barrier on the edges of the map. Do not build outside of bounds. If your build is found outside of the bounds it will be removed. Additionally, do not build within the far southern desert portion of the map. This directly impacts server performance and should be avoided.


15  Building Audits

After two weeks of inactivity, your base will be subject to removal. Regular build audits will be conducted and if your base is not in compliance with activity or limits you will be ticketed to make the proper adjustments.

01  PvP Intent Must Be Declared

Any actions that require you to target another player means you must declare in chat either (PvP Intent) or (PvP Skirmish) in conjunction with their first hostile action. The defender then has the choice to (PvP Join), (PvP Surrender), or escalate from a Skirmish to a normal PvP should they desire and the situation allows. All PvP declarations must be done using the /pvp command. You may only join when seeing the PvP intent.

Any actions that require you to target another player with a spell or ability are considered hostile without prior, express permission or consent. A simple unarmed strike is also a hostile action.

When hostile action is taken against you, you may (PvP Accept) and are automatically the defender.


02  You May Declare Skirmish or Normal PvP

Two types of PvP can be selected upon declaring combat Intent: skirmish and normal.


Skirmish is for PvP with light consequences, such as sparring, robbing someone for common items, or a simple bar fight. Any PvP done within a hub is automatically considered to be a skirmish. Light consequences are those that are not long-lasting. You may not mutilate, amputate, curse, disease, or capture without explicit consent from the opposing player(s) during the consequences phase of a skirmish.


Normal PvP, simply referred to as PvP, concludes with normal consequences.


03  Reasonable Odds

The subject of a PvP intent with +3 aggressors may call for reasonable odds. This reduces the aggressors to +2 (4v2, 5v3). Defenders must put up a fight if they join the intent. Additional aggressors unable to participate may observe and rejoin the scene once consequences have concluded.


04  Even Odds

When PvP intent is declared within a clan's base or officially controlled territory by Silvergarde or New Ascalhorn a member of the clan or Alliance may call for Even Odds. This requires the number of combatants on both sides to be equal. Additional members from either side are unable to participate and may observe the scene. Rejoining only once the consequences have concluded.

In the case of a clan's base being within an officially controlled territory anyone eligible may call for Even Odds. When inside a clan's base and Even Odds are called by the opposing side the clan may instead choose to invoke Reasonable Odds in their favor. Adding up to two additional defenders to their side.

If everyone involved in the PvP agrees, the defenders may request members of their clan who are able return to or log in to aid with the defense to allow more invaders to take part instead of setting out entirely.


05   PvP is Instanced

Once PvP has been declared, the area and those involved are instanced. Only those within the instance may interact with those inside. If you did not see the initial PvP intent and join/observe, you must leave the area.


06  You May Attempt to Flee Combat

In combat, any parties may choose to attempt to leave combat by using the Flee button in RPR. After 3 turns of not taking damage, they are removed from combat.

When a player chooses to flee, they must be moving from the start of their turn and must use their maximum movement speed. Objects cannot be interacted with, otherwise it will require the player to end Flee.


07  Consequence Phase Ends PvP

When ending combat, a list of options are given in the PvP Consequences tag (you may have to refresh your RPR). A victor may choose to inflict any in the RPR list, magical curses if the character has access to any, or a theft. Severe consequences such as maiming may not be done on the first encounter. Victors may move the losing party to a separate space within the same grid square to enact consequences - this is considered a temporary capture and not consequence stacking.


The victors must be given a reasonable amount of time to leave the scene before being engaged again.


08  You May Not Have Active Buffs Outside of PvP

No spells that put a status over the character’s head are allowed outside of combat. This includes potions as well.


09  Pre-Buffs

When initiative is rolled, there is a choice between drawing weapons (and shield) or casting a singular buff that is self-targeted and not a potion or a weapon buff. You cannot do both unless you possess an item that allows the drawing of weapons as a free action.


10  Doors in PvP

Doors in an active PvP require an action to be opened. If they are to be opened, they must be unlocked. It takes an action to lock a door. A door may have its lock picked with thieves’ tools, or be breached, as an action. If a door was not locked with an emote during the scene leading up to PvP, it is considered unlocked. Doors may not be locked/barred from the inside.


11  Fall Damage

Fall damage is 1d6 per tile of descent. If the user is capable of flight and not restrained, they do not take fall damage.


12  Flying

If the character is capable of flight, they will float back to the ground safely at the end of their turn.


13  Line of Sight

To hit a character with an attack or spell that requires sight, they must be able to see ½ of the character. Spells that list the target is a point you may see do not require you to target another player with it and can be used to AoE the ground.


14  Lack of Regard for Well-Being

If a character clearly shows that they do not value their life, they will have their rights to skirmish consequences removed. Reactions to threats should be taken seriously and roleplayed properly. If a player continues to fail to do so a dispute may be opened to request higher consequences.


15  Character Kills (CKs)

A Character Kill (CK) ticket must be submitted to end another character’s life. It requires strong narrative reasoning and screenshots to be approved. Applications are highly scrutinized in review by staff.

CKs may only be made at the end of a combat, in the Consequences Phase, for PvPs that were started with /pvp CK and also have an approved CK application.

When a character is killed, they may no longer be played and are forced to perform a reroll that is exempt from the 2 week timer.

If the one that initiated combat is defeated, they may be CK’d in response. Anyone involved in the PvP may be given severe consequences even if it is a first down.


Involvement in a CK fight serves as strong evidence for a CK against your own character.


16  Long/Short Rest

Long and short rests in RPR when you are emoting are exactly that. You should not be using them to quickly regain things. You must be out of combat for at least 30 minutes to use short rest. A long rest may only be taken at the start or end of a roleplay session and should not be done in public. If you have forgotten to do this, you may request permission to do so from those around you and if they do not mind, you may long rest.

01  No PvP within the Hubs

Any PvP intents dropped in NPC hubs will have them move outside via suspension of disbelief due to the authorities therein.


02  Call for Aid

Hated Races (red borders) and afflictions are exempt from the skirmish cons of PvP Rule #2 when PvP is initiated inside of Silvergarde. If they are blatantly showing their race/affliction and are the aggressor, a call for aid may be made by the defender.

Lawful and goodly forces waging battle in New Ascalhorn as the aggressor also forego skirmish cons. Denizens of New Ascalhorn that are subject to such a PvP may call for aid.


A shout with (Call for Aid) at the end of it may be given and emotes of (PvP Join) may be offered in return by any that see the call for aid. You may only join the defender’s side in a call for aid.


03  No Wildshapes Within Hubs

Wild animals would not be allowed to freely roam around the hubs and would be moderated by the guards. Druids should refrain from using these while visiting any of the hubs, the exception being mundane animals such as the Horse, Chicken, Tavern Cat, or Raven.


04  Hub Notice Board Policy

When posting notices on notice boards, you must adhere to some rules to avoid being ticketed and/or having your notice removed.

  • You may not post anonymous notices within the primary hub(s). Anonymous notices may be posted on all other boards.

  • You may only remove notices from boards you own.

  • Anything you post upon a notice board within the hub(s) must be sensible in nature. Trollish OOC notices will be removed, as well as notices that go against the authorities of the particular hub. For example, notices pertaining to illegal or "evil" deeds will be removed in Silvergarde while notices posted in New Ascalhorn that are opposed to the forces that dwell there will also be subject to removal (i.e. recruitment drives for goodly paladins).

  • Within the hubs, you may not post a Call-to-Arms, as they would be immediately reviewed and removed by authorities who want nothing to do with such matters and potential rumormongering. This is defined as a rallying of people to attack and defeat a foe, or a "witch hunt" against a specific person or group of people.

01  Adhere to Market Trader Standards

If you do not adhere to the following stipulations, your trader may be deleted without warning.

  • Each clan is allowed one single trader within The Oasis market.

  • Each trader must have an RP appropriate name for their race and include [CLAN NAME] at the end.

  • Each trader must have an appearance that is as basic as possible. No accessories outside of simple race-identifying ones such as ears.

  • Sell prices may not be higher than the sell price offered by the Requisition Officer.

  • You must keep your trader stocked with items.

  • Keep reasonable space between traders for interaction purposes.

  • You may make an item's sell price 9,999 gold in order to hold items you are purchasing via your trader. Please make sure to clear the stacks out in a timely manner.

  • Banking items and gold is prohibited - please keep your trader tidy!


02  Do Not Steal Market Wares from Fellow Clan Members

You may not utilize your position in a clan to steal items from a clan market. This means that, unless you have permission and the go-ahead from whoever placed an item inside of your merchant, you may not withdraw it for your own ends. Make sure to talk to the relevant individuals first and foremost.

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