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By willingness or force, you were forged by a dark ritual, removing your soul and placing it within a vessel to give you a new, boundless body as a vehicle for your whims. You serve to empower other undead creatures in their fight against the living, proving to be a tool for vengeance and carnage alike. So long as your soul remains, your war never ends.

Whether you underwent this ritual of your own choosing to empower yourself or were forced to rise as a Soul-Wight by another. Your soul resides within a Soul Coin that remains in your possession, locked away, or in the hands of another. Whoever holds it controls your destiny. Either by choice, or by force, you serve those who seek to turn undead against the living. Your new powers are beyond that of normal undead and you may retain the memories of your previous life, though they may be muddled, broken, or gone entirely after undergoing the rites of transformation.

Soul-Wight Card.png

This is a roleplay acquired affliction. To make a Soul-Wight, you must first access Restricted Research and learn about the Libram of Souls and Flesh. With possession of the libram, you may take Soul Slivers as a consequence to PvP.

Researching the Libram of Souls and Flesh also unlocks the ability to perform the ritual of Soul Raising.

Ritual of Soul Raising

Must be performed on Unholy Hallowed Ground. All reagents are lost regardless of ritual roll.

  • 10x Soul Slivers

  • 1x Diamond

  • 5x Incense

  •  25x Arcane Residue

  • 1x Living Creature who is the Target

(( A player must consent to becoming a Soul-Wight and will only be turned if the ritual succeeds. ))

A character loses access to their race, class, and subclass by choosing this affliction. You do not require character levels or experience to access features. You may attune to non-class restricted magic items.


  • Base Hit Points: 108

  • Actions: 2 Attack, 1 Bonus, 1 Reaction


  • Armor: Light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, shields

  • Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons

  • Proficiency Bonus: +4

Undead Immunities

You are immune to magical sleep and effects that leave you poisoned.


You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions, negating the Perception and to-hit penalties present at nighttime and in the dark areas of the world.

Twisted Skeleton

Your unarmed attacks are more powerful, constitute as magical attacks and have the finesse property. They deal 1d6 + ATR damage.

Life Detection

You can always see that which you despise―life itself. You ignore Invisibility on a target so long as the target is not undead.

Life Drain

After a successful melee attack, use your bonus action to deal 2d6 additional necrotic damage. The target cannot be healed by any means other than a life transference spell for 1 turn. Can be used in combination with AoO attacks, if you still have your bonus action remaining when hitting them.

Grave Orders

The Wight can spend a bonus action to speak a ghastly incantation, ailing a target to, or away, from incapacitation. Grave Orders can only be used on each target once per combat and cannot target self.

Death Ward

Spend a bonus action to place Death Ward on a target that lasts until they end their turn or it takes effect. If the target would drop to 0 hit points as a result of taking damage while Death Ward is active, the target instead drops to 1 hit point unless the damage was fire or radiant and the status ends.

Death Watch

Spend a bonus action to place Death Watch on a target that lasts until the end of their turn. Death Watch prevents the target from using any ability/spell that allows them to persist fighting after hitting 0 HP, or returning to 1 HP while active.

Death Wrath

Spend a bonus action to empower an Undead ally, granting them advantage on their next turn.

Territorial Servant

When you are fighting in your clan base or are in combat with whomsoever turned you into a Wight, your draining abilities are empowered. Once per combat, as an action, you may remove a level 2 and 3 spell slot from a single enemy.

Root of Undeath

Simply succumbing to your draining abilities can infect individuals with a disease that ails them closer to undeath. In the consequences phase, you may choose to inflict a disease on the target that reduces their maximum hit points by 25 and reduces their Constitution Saving Throws by 3. If they are ever killed under this effect, there is a chance they will rise again as a zombie. (DM Approval Only)

Grave Resistances

You have resistance against psychic, necrotic, and poison damage.

Rise from the Grave

Once per 18 hours the Soul-Wight may clear the Wounded, Severely Wounded, Death's Door, Maimed, and Cursed statuses from themself.

Undead Weaknesses

You have weakness to radiant damage.

Sunlight Sensitivity

While in sunlight, the soul-wight has disadvantage on perception checks that rely on sight.

Shackled Soul

When you were created, your soul was used as a catalyst in the ritual. It was bound within the confines of a Soul Coin that now exists on this plane. So long as this coin exists, you cannot be destroyed. If you fall in battle and your body is destroyed you will manifest again so long as your soul remains tethered to this coin.

Whoever possesses this coin can exert great control and command over you as they hold your very existence in the palm of their hand.

Curse of the Grave

Healing magics have no effect on the undead.

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