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Combat Guide

Halcyon utilizes a custom RPR system for our player versus player combat based around the Dungeons and Dragons 5e systems. This guide will serve to explain many of those systems to those unfamiliar  and serve as a point of reference. Many of the restrictions are hard-coded into the RPR system itself and require little input from the user to function correctly. 


Ability Scores


Each character has six different ability scores that points can be assigned to. They are:

  • Strength - measuring physical power.

  • Dexterity - measuring agility.

  • Constitution - measuring endurance.

  • Intelligence - measuring reasoning and memory.

  • Wisdom - measuring perception and insight.

  • Charisma - measuring force of personality.

Hit Points


All players start with 25 hit points. Each point into the Constitution Attribute grants 6 additional hit points. This is added onto the hit points you receive for your class.



There are a total of 19 different skills, all of which have a base attribute. Your skill increases by 1 for each attribute point matching the appropriate skill. Skill values can only be increased in this way, by proficiencies earned through races and classes, or through acquired items.

Chosen Attributes


During character creation, you may select two ability scores to increase by 1. These may not be stacked onto the same ability. Once you reach level 12, you may increase a single attribute by 1.

Character Level


Players begin at level 8 and may advance through various means. When first setting up your character sheet, you will have 8 skill points available to spend in RPR. Place these into your character level skill or you will not be assigned the correct abilities.

Point Buy


Each character has 13 points to spend on improving their ability scores. Each ability score starts at -1.  Points may only be added until any one score reaches 2.

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