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    • Deity Description

      Selûne, also known as Our Lady of Silver, the Moonmaiden, and the Night White Lady, is the goddess of the moon in the Faerûnian pantheon. In the 14th and 15th centuries DR, she held the portfolios of the moon, stars, navigation, navigators, wanderers, questers, seekers, and non-evil lycanthropes. Hers was the moon's mysterious power, the heavenly force that governed the world's tides and a mother's reproductive cycles, caused lycanthropes to shift form, and drew one to the brink of madness, and back again. Her nature, appearance, and mood all changed in turn with the phases of the moon. Her name is shared by the moon of Toril and most Faerûnian humans believe the moon to be the goddess herself watching over the world and the lights that trailed behind it to be her tears, from both joy and sorrow.

    • Domains

      Knowledge, Life, Twilight

    • Alignment

      Chaotic Good

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