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    • Deity Description

      Eilistraee is the goodly drow goddess of beauty, song, dance, freedom, moonlight, swordwork, and hunting. She is the patroness and protector of the few dark elves who longed to return to the surface and live there, at peace with other races, and to abandon the endless conflicts and intrigues that dominated the lives of most drow at the hands of Lolth. She is often referred to as the The Dark Maiden, the Lady of the Dance, Lady Silverhair, or The Dark Dancer.


      To be embraced by Eilistraee is to always be kind, save in battle with evil, encouraging happiness everywhere. They should learn and teach new songs, dances, and the flowing dance of skilled swordsmanship. They should promote harmony between the races, befriending strangers, sheltering those without homes, and feeding the hungry. They should repay rudeness with kindness and repay violence with swift violence so that those that cause it are dealt with quickly. They should aid drow in distress, and give them the Lady’s message: “A rightful place awaits you in the Realms Above, in the Land of the Great Light. Come in peace and live beneath the sun again where trees and flowers grow.”

    • Domains

      Life, Light, Nature

    • Alignment

      Chaotic Good

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