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    • Deity Description

      Kiaransalee is the drow lesser goddess of revenge and undeath, a former necromancer queen consumed by thoughts of retribution. The Lady of the Dead was driven insane ages ago, yet retained her twisted cunning, recalling clearly every slight towards her whether real or imagined. The Vengeful Banshee is said to have repeatedly died before coming back with a vengeance, and the Revenancer gifted her favored drow with existence as undead driven by hate and spite.


      To devotees of Kiaransalee, death comes to all and cruel vengeance will be exacted on those who waste their lives on the petty concerns of their existence. To them, true power comes only from the unquestioning servitude of the once-dead, mastery over death, and the eventual earned stature of ever-living in death. They should hunt, slay, and animate those who scorn the Revenancer's power, and answer any slight a thousandfold, so that all may know the coming power of Kiaransalee.

    • Domains

      Arcana, Death

    • Alignment

      Chaotic Evil

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